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Honghai uphold the "beyond self, continuous innovation" entrepreneurial spirit, Pursuit of business development and social responsibility, While the sustainable and steady development of business, to achieve maximize the interests of customers. focusing on humane care, environmental protection and social returns. clearly stated the distinct concept of human such as "Human resources are the most valuable asset of the company", "hard work isto better life" etc, Honghai made these unique cultural ideas penetrated into the daily management of the company, and gradually formed its own values :Honghai wish to become a member of society with a sense of responsibility and loyalty to face customers, employees, shareholders, community, competitors,service providers, governments, communities and other concerned parties. Honghai Company promised  to work with a fair and responsible attitude.


Vision: Pursuit of excellence and Persistent centuries

Mission: To walk in the forefront of rubber equipment industry ,mission in pursuit Chinese progress

Entrepreneurship: Beyond self-sustaining innovation

Work philosophy: Hard working and living a happy life

Product positioning: the best choice for tire manufacturing industry